To widen the outreach of DIOPTRA and maximise its impact, DIOPTRA will pursue and ensure close coordination with the European Commission, the various ongoing relevant HORIZON and HE projects/initiatives, as well as any other relevant national and international ones, and it will build liaisons and synergies and will take advantage from the already extended networks.

LUCIA – Understanding Lung Cancer related risk factors and their Impact.

MAMMOSCREEN – Innovative and safe microwave-based imaging technology to make breast cancer screening more accurate, inclusive and female-friendly.

ONCOSCREEN – A European “shield” against colorectal cancer based on novel, more precise and affordable risk-based screening methods and viable policy pathways.

PANCAID – PANcreatic CAncer Initial Detection via liquid biopsy.

SANGUINE – Early detection and screening of hematological malignancies.

THERMOBREAST – An innovative non-contact and harmless screening modality set to change the course of breast cancer detection and patient monitoring.