This page will give you the opportunity to download all the public deliverables of the project, once submitted.

D1.1 Data Management PlanM06 (June 2023)
D1.2 Updated Data Management PlanM36 (December 2025)
D1.3 Risk Management & Quality ReportM12 (December 2023)
D2.1 DIOPTRA Full Specification ReportM09 (September 2023)
D4.1 Risk Factor Survey ReportM40 (April 2026)
D5.2 Front-end DIOPTRA AppM41 (May 2026)
D6.2 DIOPTRA Clinical ProtocolsM08 (August 2023)
D6.3 Updated DIOPTRA Clinical ProtocolsM41 (May 2026)
D6.5 Expandability ReportM48 (December 2026)
D7.1 Dissemination and Exploitation PlanM06 (June 2023)
D7.2 DIOPTRA websiteM04 (April 2023)
D7.3 Publications & Promotional MaterialM42 (June 2026)
D7.4 CRC Screening Guidelines & Report from Regulatory BodyM46 (October 2026)
D7.5 Business Model for DIOPTRA ExploitationM48 (December 2026)